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James Martin's father was a cook. James opened his own hotel and a bistro at age 21. Now he is a team member of Ready Steady Cook TV programme.

David Myers and Simon King appear in The Hairy Bikers
- a TV programme about dishes from all over the world.

Lorraine Pascale used to be a model but now she runs a TV programme Baking Made Easy.
Six foods that are in season this month:



burger = hamburger ALSO: cheeseburger, veggie burger
fries - a cheeseburger and large fries; fry - cook in hot oil, eg: I often fry pancakes.
pizza - What do you want on your pizza? mushrooms, ham, pineapple - Each extra topping is 80p.
salad - mix salad vegetables: lettuce, cucumber, green peppers, radishes, tomatoes
a chicken salad, a pasta salad
sandwich - (silent d) You need two slices of bread. Spread the slices with butter. You can spread margarine on them if you like. Put some salami and you have a salami sandwich.

Meat and fish:

beef - meat from domestic cattle: cows or bulls; it is a taboo food in Indian culture (Holy cows. As the sheep is to Christianity, the cow is to Hinduism.) - half a kilo of very lean minced beef
roast beef - minced beef - a fillet of beef

chicken - meat from a chicken (US: a rooster and hen; GB a cock and hen) - chicken soup, chicken breasts, chicken thighs

lamb - meat from a sheep in its first year; like a lamb to the slaughter = nieświadomy niebezpieczeństwa; as meek as a lamb = łagodny jak baranek

trout - (pl. trout) an oily freshwater fish
salmon - (pl. salmon, silent l) a large saltwater fish; a whole salmon, smoked salmon

tuna - (pl. tuna or tunas)a very large saltwater fish; a can of tuna in vegetable oil


butter - a dairy product made from cows' milk - This butter doesn't spread very well.

cheese - is also made from milk; it can be yellow or white in colour; Cheddar cheese, goat's cheese, a piece of cheese

cream- a dairy product, contains a lot of fat; fresh cream, whipped cream, sour cream

ice cream

milk - a white liquid from cows or goats; a litre of milk, a carton of milk

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